The Most Toys – Revisited

Last week I posted about the sale of the 2009 Bowman Chrome Mike Trout Superfractor Autograph, which had sold for a cool $400,000. Here’s the link in case you missed it –

The Most Toys

Since I wrote that piece I’ve laboured under the romantic illusion that this card is now heading into the loving arms of a Trout collector who will covet and cherish it forever. I can’t help it… It’s just the big softie inside of me that’s a sucker for the happy ending.

Sadly this is not the case. Instead the card is going to this guy…


Folks, meet Dave Oancea, better known to those who care as ‘Vegas Dave’ (or VD if you prefer).

Now, I never set this blog up for the purposes of character assassination, and as far as I’m concerned the fewer column inches this guy gets the better, but what you’re looking at here is one Grade A, arrogant ass-hat of the highest order! Check out one of his recent tweets that pretty much sums up the man and his mindset –


Seriously! And people lap this shit up.

And he tweets EVERYTHING in upper case, which makes me think that he’s either;

  1. Permanently angry, or
  2. Over compensating for deficiencies in other areas

This level of arrogance and unrestrained self-promotion is a strange bedfellow to us Brits, as I concede VD is most likely a strange bedfellow to the ‘no doubt’ multitude of ladies who have had the misfortune to cross his path.

Please understand that this isn’t jealousy speaking by any stretch of the imagination.

More worryingly VD has had numerous brushes with the law, last year facing charges of misusing other people’s Social Security numbers to open betting accounts as well as being arrested last July in a case of domestic battery.

A pertinent Hobby story, other than the Trout purchase, came last year when Oancea picked up a PSA 10 1986 Fleer Jordan RC, bragged about it all over social media, and then sold it on to another collector a few weeks later for $18,000… The problem being that the card and the PSA holder were both fake, something VD allegedly knew nothing about despite being advised to the contrary.

If you have a few minutes of you life that you don’t care whether you’ll get back again or not, then you can read the sad, sorry story over at Sports Card Radio.

So unfortunately there’s no happy ending to this particular story. One of the most significant modern cards in the Hobby goes to one of the biggest douche bags in the Hobby. Not as a collectors piece, but as an investment.

And that, I guess, is just part and parcel of the crazy world we live in.

I’m done with this story now. Move along… Nothing to see here…

Just this ‘Final Thought’




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