Preview: 2018 Topps Five Star


Configuration: 1 pack per box, 2 cards per pack (Hobby Only)

Release: 29th August 2018

Click here to view a PDF of the sell sheet.

I don’t know if it’s me or not but there seems to be have been a deluge of new product details released recently. Between the middle of July (Donruss Optic) and the middle of October (Topps Update) there will be 12 new Baseball card releases. That’s almost one a week.

As with most years we often get a bottle-neck of expensive sets as companies start releasing their high-end brands… Love em or hate em, you simply can’t avoid them!

Another of those particular sets hits the stores in late August, buried amongst several other high end sets. I know that we’re not expected to collect all of this stuff, but a bit of a let up might not go amiss. It’s great that collectors can effectively chose their own card collecting destinies in terms of what they want to pick up and when, but when we’re constantly drowning under the weight of such similar looking products each year, you have to ask what, if anything, will ever come along and shake up the status quo.

Which brings us on to 2018 Topps Five Star, or if you prefer ‘Another pretty looking set that’s no different to last year and costs far too much money’ (or APLSTNDTLYACFTMM for short).

I love acronyms…

So, two cards, on-card autographs, insane price.

Boxes of 2017 Five Star currently sit on eBay for between $165 and $190. I watched a random box break on YouTube that yielded Luke Weaver and Kyle Scwharber #’d/25 autographs.

Would you really want to risk that amount of money pulling cards like that? Sure there could be a Trout, or a rare cut signature. But the odds are so slim.

Sadly that’s all these risk-reward type of products give us – a thin layer of hope and a whole lot of disappointment. All a bit too rich for my blood.

The quickest of searches on eBay will have just netted me this for $190. A far better proposition in my opinion, if you have that money to spend –


As always it’s each to their own. The Hobby is wide enough and vast enough to cater for all our varied tastes.

Is 2018 Five Star for me? No, sir! All I see is much the same as last year, except with added Ohtani.


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