Night at the Museum

A week last Friday another of Topps‘ high end releases dropped in the middle of a very crowded release period.

2018 Museum Collection is a glorious looking product that epitomises the risk-reward element that accompanies this type of set. Normally I shy away from this type of release due to the unholy price but, call me crazy, I was sorely tempted to give this one a go.

Museum Collection always looks great, and a couple of the early box breaks I saw were yielding some immense cards… Then I saw a few more breaks on YouTube and I was back down to earth with a bump as the results on numerous others were less than stellar.

Crisis averted I then decided to pump the money that I was going to spend on Museum Collection into a couple of boxes of Stadium Club, which I’ve decided will be much more fun to break and I’ll do a video of that at a later date.

But back on to Museum Collection… Great looking base set design with some fantastic relic sets. I always feel that the Topps design team pulls out the stops with this release each year. The Canvas Collection artist sketches make a welcome return with some lovely images as usual (and some not so lovely ones depending on your aesthetic standpoint).

One of the BIG hits, falling one per case if I’m not mistaken, is the Museum Framed Autograph. These framed cards are incredibly rare and can fetch some pretty high prices on the secondary market. However there’s something about them that never seems to hit the spot with me.

A card like this could/should form the centrepiece of anyone’s collection, unfortunately Topps constantly seem to keep dropping a bollock in one particular area with this insert set. Check these out…






You might be able to see where this is going, so just indulge me here.

Now… If you want a ‘showcase’ card, extremely limited and desired by card collectors the world over, you DO NOT get the Baseball greats to sign each card with a gel pen that has a nib the size of a baby’s finger.

SMH! Come on Topps… What on earth were you thinking?? Surely there are better options that what you’ve given us in the examples above? To be fair the Harper one doesn’t look so bad, but that might be because it was written on a wooden surface.

There’s no question here that these cards deserve better. Topps, your collectors deserve better!

I have to question if the same types of pen are used by Topps because some of these framed autos have come out OK, but the images above are not isolated incidents. Having a huge, cumbersome signature on a card like this spoils the whole aesthetic for me, leaving a card that I wouldn’t dream of chasing on the secondary market due to a severe lack of eye appeal.

Imagine if you were a Big Unit collector and you ended up chasing down that mess of a card that you see above?

Poor show Topps, poor show.


Must try harder!


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